The Wood and Bone and Path Unknown

I’ve watched for the past couple of years as St. Jinx developed the illustrations for his Elder Futhark deck. As soon as I found out that he’d made the deck available, I ordered both the SFW version and the Unleashed Edition (NSFW). I posted a couple of the SFW cards on the Instagram account, but nudity is frowned upon by Instagram/Facebook. So here’s a look at the Unleashed Edition.

Warning: Male Nudity and an image of a sex act.

St. Jinx used to produce the decks. The box isn’t particularly sturdy, but it’s not much different from a box that playing cards would come in. I usually make pouches for my decks anyway, so that isn’t a major issue for me. The cardstock is standard playing card weight, and both the cardstock and the finish look and feel like they’ll hold up well to continual usage. He chose not to put borders on the cards, which really showcases his art. This is different from his Tarot deck, The St. Jinx Arcana, which as a larger border than it really needed. The imagery is rich and detailed. I’m sure I’ll be finding new details for months and years.

The Little White Book, with text by Walter Freyrsson, is the same for both decks. Each card has a brief description and both upright and reversed meanings. While I am not an expert (I’m hardly even a competent beginner) with Runes, the explanations and meanings appear consistent with what reading I have done.

The differences between the SFW and Unleased Edition range from not very different (just enough to maybe make the card SFW)

…to simply naked…

…to graphic.

You can find more of St. Jinx’s art on his Instagram ( and Patreon (

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