Tarot Mentors Expanded

This spread begain with a challenge that my friend Rosa posted three years ago on tumblr. She revisited Tarot Mentors earlier this year, and over the next few weeks, I started occasionally pulling some Mentor readings. Here are the basics for Tarot Mentors.

(Rosa’s original challenge post is reprinted at the end of this post.)

As I worked through them I started wondering about combining the daily draws for an expanded reading. Here is what I came up with.

Keeping the Before/After alingment of the cards provided an enriched reading with a lot of information. However, I became curious what would happen if I laid out the eight cards randomly. Here is the result.

Here is an example of how it works in practice starting with four daily draws.

This is what the expanded spread looked like on Day 5. Because the Hierophant came up on both Day 1 and Day 2, I pulled it from a second deck for the expanded spread.

And here is the second version.

Many thanks to Rosa for sharing her original Tarot Mentors concept and her encouragement to run with it and create this expanded version.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment or email me.

St. Jinx Arcan card images (c) 2018, St. Jinx; Tarot Apocalypsis card image (c) 2016, Lo Scarabeo


Here is Rosa’s orgial Tarot Mentor’s Challenge post in its entirety:

Welcome to #TarotMentors, a tarot challenge for June 2017! ❤

On the 1st, 11th, and 21st we would draw new mentors, sticking with each card for ten days.

A mentor card is a card that has some lessons for you. Sometimes they get really personal, sometimes they are more universal. You can draw it randomly, which is what I prefer personally, or look to a card you want to learn from, or a “stalker card” you’re just not understanding. ( @oceanwildatelier has done some beautiful stalker card mentor readings recently, I’ve been so proud to see!) Another friend suggested asking your deity or spirit companion to select the card for you, if that’s your spiritual bag. I think that’s a super cool thought and really shows how versatile this exercise can be.

Each day you would shuffle your mentor into your deck however you best like to shuffle, then look through the deck face up to find it again and the two cards next to it: these are your lesson/message. While the goal is to do daily draws, doing them “as needed” is also totally acceptable. This is way more about trying this out and seeing if it works for you than a high pressure “post every day” challenge. Sometimes I don’t even post mine just because they are too personal.

I think ten days is a good amount of time for each mentor, especially since a month, from personal experience, is way too much. xD A week sometimes feels a little short, and the month has 30 days so… why not?

I recommend using one deck per mentor, because that way the tone of mentor card is consistent, but you can do what you like. Sometimes I use a second deck for “bonus pulls” when I just feel like I need a little change of perspective on the card, but otherwise I like to stick with one. (See last week’s Devil card readings with the Fountain Tarot for an example, with one “bonus” from the Linestrider.)  

We will use the tag #TarotMentors as that’s what @tarotprose suggested and I like it. xD

I like this idea as a challenge because it’s more about having a personal rapport with your deck than it is about answering a series of questions. In a way it’s like asking your cards what are the answers to the questions you ought to be asking, but haven’t.

Big love to @yuna-the-autumn-witch for whipping up the lovely graphic! ❤ 

Original source: http://rosaofswords.tumblr.com/post/161247223702/welcome-to-tarotmentors-a-tarot-challenge-for  Accessed May 30, 2017

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