You Can Control The Change: A Roadmap for Action

I posted this spread on my Instagram account quite a while ago, but I wanted to share a bit about its creation. Sometimes I spend days creating a spread, but this happened at the spur of the moment while doing a client reading.

The client asked for a general reading, but as often happens, specific issues and questions came to the fore. About two-thirds of the way through the reading, the table was covered in Tarot cards, and we ended up focused on one particular situation. They asked how they could move forward with the situation, so I cleared all the cards off the table and laid out four cards. I walked them through the spread pretty much the way it’s shown below, and the client walked away with a lot of information along with a plan for moving forward. As soon as the client left, I grabbed my notebook from my bag and jotted down the spread, so I wouldn’t forget what I talked about for each card position.

  1. What do you know already?
  2. What additional facts can you dig up?
  3. How can you synthesize all of this?
  4. How can it best be used to move forward?

This is one piece of advice I would give to just about anyone. Always keep a notebook with you, so you can jot down ideas. Use your cell phone, if necessary–I’ve done that on occasion (for me, however, there’s something about the physical act of putting pen to paper).

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